The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor Review

A lot more akin to material found at a perfume counter, NV’S elongated, smoothly curving plastic bottle is the lead associated with NxCare’s collaboration with Custom Bottle/Lerman bin (, which Sanford says took NxCare’s two-dimensional illustrations and converted them into CAD drawings and prototypes for review before molding the final package. “The bottle themselves went through quite a process,” Sanford relates. “We started with a hunt within the cosmetics industry, and we incorporated a good deal of that techniques that we saw there into our packaging. The bottle went through lots of stages of refinement, mainly as you have flat surfaces, convex surfaces and cylindrical surfaces that each one of kind of meld together.”

As Ward describes it, the three-sided, red, polyethylene terephthalate bottle “almost appears like it was established after hot lava.” She adds, “it appears as though someone just got their hand and twisted the plastic around a bit while it was hot.”

Spare and elegant, the bottle uses few graphics. On the front, a styled NV in white range takes center period, with the words “Rapid Weight Loss” in small type under. Another side of the container reads, “Refer to box or insert for supplement facts, directions and warning,” also in white lettering. The product comes in 30-, 38- and 60-count versions, all packed in the equal size container. Caplet calculate is indicated on the secondary carton whereby the bottle is packed. Here is another great post on venus factor reviews to read.

Currently, the bottle’s roll-on cap is in addition prepared by just Custom Bottle in red plastic, but will soon stay replaced by a metal closure coated in a color-matched red. Says Sanford, “All along, the adventure plan got in order to use an aluminum cap to give the package more of a makeup feel, but there just wasn’t enough time in terms of each start to resource it properly.”

In the style of cologne, as well, the PET bottle is packaged as part of a folding carton converted by Ellis Paper Box ( during .018 SBS offset-designed and printed in five colors, including the NV custom made red, plus your aqueous matte coat. On carton is similarly simple in its graphics, but includes full product facts on the back panel. On the carton’s pair side panels are images of the supplement bottle, lit up after behind–an effect that Sanford declares was bothersome to accurately render on press, given the subtleties out of your shows and shadows.

Upon its red-carpet rollout during Sundance, NV was launched at retail locations in the U.S. as well as Canada on Feb. a single. It is now available when stores that include GNC, each Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, CVS, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart Canada (Wal-Mart U.S. intends to introduce the product in April). NxCare always hopes to market the product in nontraditional nutraceutical outlets such as department stores to tanning salons. “We’ve really had a few retailers that have said they are interested in merchandising these products in your cosmetics area, besides the body weight-loss section of their stores,” announces Ward. “Your is pretty exciting, because suppliers have never moved this category over in order to that aspect of the real estate.”

Enriquez believes the buzz behind NV, fueled by its Sundance debut (a two-page article in the Feb. 20 subject of Star magazine speculates your Britney Spears will be the official NV spokesperson), will open a whole new doorway in that the nutraceuticals category. “I think we will probably be seeing a lot of agencies changing their direction in packaging,” she says. “We will probably experience a lot more increasing-end packaging this annum then we ever need previously, just because of NV.”

Adds Ward, “The article in Star is not true, but what we know is really interesting is that the product is already getting that type involving hype, only from starting the Sundance seating. We haven’t really still advertised the product yet.”

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